Mars Shaded Relief Map

Here at Planetary Printing Press, maps represent the wonder and awe of exploration and our firm belief that humanity's future must be interplanetary.
This colorful map is centered at Oxia Palus. It's a significant area of Mars because it once contained a massive river delta. Space agencies around the world continue to search for life in this region. Printed on premium matte paper.
  • Choose from 24" × 36" or a massive 36" ×48"  (frame not included)
  • Region: Oxia Palus quadrangle (MC-11)
  • Red to yellow to green color gradation represents elevation
  • Map Area: 8 million km²/3 million mi²
  • Geographical features and rover landing sites are labeled
  • 120 meter grid and graticules every 5° latitude/longitude
  • Printed on thick, archival-grade paper (matte, acid-free, 230gsm)